Black Sesame Seeds from
Assam state with different
grades available are :
Features :
  • It is an important nutritional additive to several plates, salads and dressings..
  • It carries medicinal properties and it is therefore advisable to take them raw or roasted or its oil to cure some of human diseases.
 Item Black Sesame Seeds-Natural Small Black Sesame Seeds-Natural
 Origin Assam (India)  Assam (India)
 Purity 99%  99%
 Admixture 1%  1%
 Quality 99% Black,  1% Other Coloured  98% Black,  2% Other Coloured
 Moisture 8% Maximum  8% Maximum
 FFA 2% Max  2% Max
 Oil Content 48% Minimum  48% Minimum
 Packing 50 Kgs. in Jute/P.P. Bags Gross for Net  50 Kgs. in Jute / P.P. Bags Gross for Net
 Quantity 18 MTs / FCLs  18 MTs / FCLs

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